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What Do I Need To Claim My Vehicle if I am The Owner?

  • A Government Issued ID and one of the following to establish ownership
  • Title with your name on the front
  • Current Registration with your name on it (cannot be expired)
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) with registered owners’ name on it, current date and a notary stamp validating MVR

What Do I Need To Claim a Vehicle if I am a Representee of The Owner?

  • A Government Issued ID for Representee
  • A clear copy of the Registered Owner's government issued ID
  • A Power of Attorney for the vehicle from the Registered Owner to Representee
  • You will also need to provide either:
  • Title with the Registered Owner's name on the front, OR
  • Current Registration with the Registered Owner's name on it, cannot be expired
  • Complete Power of Attorney Form Here

“Arizona Impound has been a great partner onsite to address our towing needs at multiple locations. Chelle and the team have always had fantastic communication and are responsive to our business needs as they arise. If you are looking for a great towing company to partner with, I would highly recommend Arizona Impound!”

Zachary Bartels
Portfolio Manager

“Arizona Impound is top notch for towing companies. They are courteous, responsive, and never miss a beat! If you are searching for a hassle-free towing company, look no further!”

Dyana Watson
Property Manager

“I have had the pleasure of using Arizona Impound in both the West Valley & the East Valley over the last 2 years. Their attention to detail in providing clear examples of tow needs with photos has been extremely useful in having vehicles removed, as well as being able to contact residents within the apartment community.

As for customer service, Chelle has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

I highly recommend Arizona Impound."

Andy DeMaertelaere CALP
Community Manager

“We have worked with Arizona Impound for several years. They are reliable and honest. The staff is always easy to work with and quick to accommodate any requests we have. Their app makes creating permits and authorizing tows easy. It is so nice to be able to see which cars were towed and why instantly via the app so we can better assist residents. The best part is our residents consistently say that they were treated well by Priority. Being towed is always an inconvenience and costly, so for our residents to come back and state they had a positive experience still, is simply a testament to what a phenomenal job this company does.”

Lindsay Schultz, CAM
Community Manager

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